The ‘Forum” is a mixed integrated development consisting of a small street mall, retail arcade, office tower and residential towers, dedicated to the concept of a Work, Live and Play as a desired destination.

It combines the experience of a traditional shop office retail and dining (protected from the elements) and the lifestyle of retail mall shopping. The integration of open circulation corridors with elevated pedestrian walkways for the shop offices enhances accessibility and shopping interaction.

The integration of all these components in one seamless connection is the epitome of living and working in one development.

The Forum essentially divided into two phases. The first phase consist of a semi-enclosed street mall flanked by traditional 2-storey shop offices with separate office suites at the second level.

The second phase consists of a 2-storey retail arcade with an office tower and two blocks of service apartments sitting on top.

The ‘Heart’ of the development that link the two phases is the ‘Forum’. As the word indicates, it is a community space, which is intends to be dedicated to the surrounding community.

It is a place conceptualize to promote community sharing and interaction. It is design to bring the community together while enjoying our favorite lifestyle of “Eating and Shopping”.

This covered high volume space, open at the side provide a well naturally ventilated space for public gathering surrounded and overlooked by F&B outlets, creating an atmosphere of inviting sound and colors.

This ‘Forum’ can host various activities and create a sense of belonging and sharing within the community approximately this development. The mixture of different indoor and outdoor retail experiences, office suites, and residential components provide a balance combination to create a sustainable development with a community feel to it.

Overtime this ‘Forum’ is designed to evolve into a unique place that capture the traditions of a ‘market square’ or ‘Bazaar’ that promote a strong sense of community togetherness.

It brings back the nostalgic feeling of ‘good things in life’.

  • Client : Sunsuria Forum Sdn. Bhd
  • Location : Setia Alam, Selangor
  • Size : 336,000 sqm
  • Status : In Progress