The Banjaran

Tambun, Perak

: Sunway City (Ipoh) Sdn Bhd
: October 2009
Built up
: 25 acres


The Edge-PAM Green Excellence Award 2014 - Winner

FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Awards 2012 - Winner of Best Resort

FIABCI Malaysia Property Awards 2011 - Winner of Best Resort

BCI Asia 2009 - Winner of Top Green Design Award

Asia Pacific Hotel Award 2011 - Highly Commended Award - Spa Hotel Malaysia

Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards 2011-2013


The Banjaran Hotsprings Resort represents a holistic approach towards energy efficiency and sustainable design through various elements which include planning, design, environmental services, waste management and hotel operations. The resort aims to satisfy all the four pillars of Eco Luxury which includes social, cultural, economic and environmental well-being.


This resort is practically build over a natural hot-spring amidst 5 million year old rainforest and limestone hills.


Natural 'steam caves' are incorporated into the layout using steam from the hot pools. The villas have natural hot spring water piped direct to their jacuzzis.


Architecture & Planning


The design and planning takes advantage of the existing site conditions by respecting the topography by preserving as many natural elements and incorporating them into the design. This includes water bodies, landscape, vegetation and caves. The landscape is reflective of the surrounding jungle and serves to provide shading for the villas.


Passive cooling is promoted by allowing prevailing breezes to pass through the complex through the use of open and clustered planning concept. Therapeutic water elements are strategically located throughout the complex which not only contributes to the general well-being of the end users but also promotes cooling through evaporation. Architectural elements such as louvres promote natural ventilation while roof canopies and pergolas provide solar control to minimize internal thermal gain.


Locally procured construction materials are also used where possible. The roofs of the individual villa units are constructed with palm leaf thatching. Thatch is a versatile material when it comes to covering irregular roof structures. This fact lends itself to the use of second-hand, recycled and natural materials that are not only more sustainable but need not fit exact standard dimensions to perform well. Thatch has an ecological advantage because it is produced by natural processes that do not use scarce and expensive resources of energy. It also possess tremendous insulation properties which helps to minimize heat gain.


The interior decorations of the resort are constructed using recycled wood, deadwood and driftwood. Emphasis is placed upon locally owned, locally produced products and materials.


Building Services


Electrical & Mechanical Systems


Energy saving systems have been designed to improve the overall usage of energy consumption. Among them include Low Voltage (415KV) and Extra Low Voltage underground electrical cables and energy efficient light bulbs such as LED & PLC lamps. These lamps are generally long lasting, more durable, energy and cost efficient. Energy is also saved in maintenance and replacement costs. Although expensive, the cost is recouped over a longer period.


Water Conservation


To reduce water consumption, water saving "push" valves, shower heads and low flush toilet systems were used. Water sub meters were also installed in all areas of potential high usage of water. This will be easier to accurately measure and monitor overall water consumption and thus the water footprint. An additional step taken towards water conservation is rainwater harvesting. Rainwater run-off are collected in a series of lakes contained by a weir system and used for landscaping.


Tha natural geothermal hot springs are used for various applications. All villas units have hot-spring water piped direct from the sauna for use in the jacuzzis and also fed directly into external hot-dipping pots for guest use.


The 'star' attraction of this resort is a 'steam cave' built on existing hot spring ponds to provide a natural steam sauna. This cave provides all the therapeutic benefits of a steam sauna without any energy consumption.