Swiss Garden Resort Hotel

Lumut, Perak

: Damai Laut Golf Resort Sdn. Bhd.
: December 2002
Built up
: 350,000 sq.ft.


This 5 star resort hotel is located within a 600 acre Golf Resort that SA A was commissioned to masterplan, design and implement inclusive of a Golf Clubhouse, Resort Villas and Service Apartments.


The site selected is perched on a hilltop approximately 30m above a private sandy beach. The clients design brief was to build a 300 room resort with spa, dining and recreational facilities. The site offered a panoramic view of the sea and Pangkor’s seaside village so it was decided at the design conception stage that the hotel and the existing terrain should blend into each other by design.


The strategy was to deconstruct the programmes and regrouped them into individual activity areas or ‘Islands’ that would be located at predetermined platforms, linked to each other by ramps. Each of these ‘Islands’ provided different aspects of view and experience as the occupant moves through the various heights of platform throughout the complex.