Sunway Monash Residence

Sunway South Quay, Selangor


: Sunway Integrated Properties Sdn. Bhd.
: May 2010
Built up
: 1 million sq.ft.


This development is divided into 2 phases and would eventually provide accommodation for 4,000 students.


Land Area: 7.9 acres


Total built-up for 2 phases: 2.8 million sq.ft.


Community living and connectivity are the key elements which drive the basis of the design. The ‘spine’ which transverse the entire site interlinks various spaces under one communal hub. This allows the users to transcend through a series of connections from the student union complex through to the landscaped courtyards and piazzas.


The courtyards and piazzas are informal spaces that are designed to facilitate spontaneous gathering and corners for conversations and encourage student interaction.


The duplexes are housed in 6 storey blocks which are informally arranged, they allow the creation of semi-enclosed landscaped courtyards that are friendly and form ‘places of escape’ and quiet zones where one can retreat to, when required, from other high-energy activities. These courtyards that are interlinked also create a sense of identity and orientation within this development for more than 3,000 students.