Medini Lifestyle Mall

Johor Bahru, Malaysia


: Sunrise Berhad
: September 2012
Built up
: 200,000 sq.ft


The luxuriously wide and seamless entrance creates an inviting invitation for all to explore within. Floating above is a patterned structured roof with timber coloured ceiling infill. It exudes warmth of natural wood. Interspersed amongst the triangulated roof structure are skylights, revealing glimpses of natural blue skies.


The flow path widens to a centre court bathe in natural light. On the floor, jets of shooting fountain occasionally spur t to the delight of children’s laughter. The heighten roof over the court, form gaps with the lower roof to allow cross flow of breezes. The retail facade rhythmically changes 3 dimensionally, much akin to a street developed over years. Controlled fitting out by the tenants are encouraged to give diversity in colours and texture. With the constant breeze and protection from heat and rain, al fresco dining will be much sought after alternative. They are positioned contiguously with the hope of replicating the vibrancy of an Italian piazza. Larger lots form the anchors at entrances and corners. They are architecturally treated to have unique identity.


The retail route culminates at the opposite entrance flanked by an outdoor forest garden and seamlessly merging into Legoland.