The Residence Mont Kiara

Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur


: Sunrise Berhad
: December 2007
Built up
: 140,000 sq.ft.




The Residence is an exclusive residential enclave which embraces all natural elements of the tropics in a contemporary architectural interpretation. The design explores the creation of intimate courtyards and deep verandahs linked to internal spaces providing a duality of openness and privacy.


Themed throughout all types are entry courts providing a transition zone of ‘expectations’ before entering the bungalows. Flowing water elements and texture surfaces at play with direct and diffuse light are featured within the courts arousing the senses. These embracement of sensory experience with materials and natural elements is reflected throughout the bungalows.


The outdoor space is conceived as an extension of the living spaces inside. The layout has been juxtaposed to allow the spatial flow of internal to external areas. Folding sliding doors form the boundaries between the internal spaces and deep verandahs. When the doors are fully open, external and internal spaces merged as one. The layout induces cross-ventilation that constantly channels of refreshing breezes to all corners of the room and this enticing scenario is complete with plunge pools, water features and lush landscaping.


The deep roof cover also serves as a privacy screen from the towering neighbours.