WaterEdge Apartments

Senibong Cove, Johor Bahru

: Front Concept Sdn Bhd
: August 2015
Built up
: 1,478,600 sq.ft.
: 2014 South East Asia Property Awards (Malaysia)
Winner of Best Mid-Range Condo Development (South Malaysia)


In the Architect’s Words


“Design is not making beauty. Beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration and love.”   Louis Kahn 1901~1974


Architecture is indeed an art of the science in conceptualizing spaces of beauty, making choices of material application and undoubtedly a sense of infused passion in doing it. 


When the space, design and form are seamlessly merged in unison of habitat, the creation shall be enduring. 


At WaterEdge, spaces are carefully crafted to create sense of transitional journey from entrance arrival to home. An attuned changing of scale, from the voluminous entrance to the warm colored lobbies, the spatial flow must be experienced as effortlessly done. 


Gradual change in materials and textures are important layering of expression to be integrated into spaces. Wood and natural stones are used and will have timeless appeal. 


Regularized spacing and precision cut wood will form panels for shade and screen. The play of light through the gaps between, combined with textural qualities, creates such sense of warmth. In contrast, cut stones cladded on walls add richness and permanence. 


Water, in any form is always magical. Be it calming reflective pool, slow trickle over rough cut stones or glistering swimming pools, the effect is soothing. 


Integrated into the arrival journey and over the gardens, the presence of water is an important element of nature. The liquid form crystalizes the concept of tropics lifestyle as if living amongst tropical river and streams. 


Enveloping the spaces are interwoven layers of planes in different hue and texture. Architecturally contemporary, with subtle detailing to tropic environment, the planes will cast shadows and interplay of light into spaces beyond. 


Fine scaled metal strip screens juxtaposed with framed glass adds to the richness in façade expression. Concrete screens in natural finish suitably contrast the smooth walls and voids but from afar is cohesively express as an interwoven plane. 


Structures are revealed as linear vertical lines, expressing the true purpose of form. Conjoins with horizontally layered floors, it unifies the façade into a contemporary form. 


Project Description


WaterEdge apartments consists of 3 blocks of apartments units in a gated and guarded environment. 


The concept of spatial planning is to provide almost all units with a ”water view”. Some will overlook the marina and others towards the Lunchoo River or Johor Straits. 


Proceeding from the main entrance guardhouse, each phase shall have individual covered drop off with an expansive waiting lounge. 


A covered link provide connection to covered podium car parks, for each apartment block. The majority of the residence shall have 2 car park space per unit. 


Common facilities of swimming pool, gymnasium, nursery and retail are shared between Block 1 and 2, accessed from ground level. Block 3 shall be the premium block and has dedicated facilities above its podium car park. 


Access to lift lobby are controlled electronically as part of the security measures to all units. For ease of convenience, a controlled access from within the apartment compound lead directly to the retail lots. The retail lots are also access from externally to enhance sustainability. 


The apartments consist of 5 different unit floor layouts. All units have rectilinear configuration, enabling practical furniture arrangement and better efficiency of use.