‘Nautica’ is an embodiment of tropical lifestyle themed around water element.

Tranquility and energy of water elements transcend throughout. The serene water cascade sets the ambiance at the lower lobby. Trickling over gently, it infuses sense of calmness at this lobby reserved for visitors.

Three floors up, at the main lobby, the tranquility continues with vast water lily ponds and flowering shrubs, soothing the senses with natural fragrances. A porte-cochere with suspended canopy and generous lounge with contemporary tropical lines amplify the spacious lobby.

A 30m long infinity pool gives a panoramic view over the adjacent villas and to the South Quay Lake. An expansive timber deck punctuated with matured trees accentuates a similar feeling of tropical resorts.

The tower blocks comprise of three blocks of four units per floor. The unit floor layout designed to be functional with rectilinear spaces, which optimize usage of the space. Majority of the units enjoy vast views of the lake or swimming pool.

The low-rise blocks comprises of 4-storey duplexes. 20 units in total. The lower units have additional private garden areas.

  • Client : Sunway Integrated Properties Sdn. Bhd
  • Location : Sunway South Quay, Subang Jaya
  • Size : 70,000 sqm
  • Status : Completed in 2010
  • Awards : BCA Greenmark Certified