Situated in a 8.59 acre land, The Wateredge Apartments is located in a serene and picturesque waterfront development of Senibong Cove. Whilst close to the water’s edge of Lunchoo River (Sungai Lunchoo) the site itself adjoins the heavily used coastal highway to Pasir Gudang. The massing of the towers are deliberately angled away from the highway and designed to be single loaded. These program and configuration allows all the units to face the river view, away from the western sun.

The spaces are carefully crafted to create a sense of transitional journey from entrance arrival to home. Living spaces seamlessly merged in unison of habitat, articulating the relationship of human and nature. Water, air, light, earth and foliage being part of the nature is blended with the apartments, a beautiful juxtaposition of a home within a sanctuary.

Water and foliage wraps around the footprint of 4 blocks of slender towers to provide a low plot-ratio high-rise living. The spaces are breathable, with flowing natural ventilation through the facilities, voluminous lobbies and generous housing units.

Light and shadow is part of the building experience. Natural daylight complements the gradual change of materials and texture in the building.

Most housing units are arranged in a rectilinear and efficient position with the living room opened to the Mangrove or Marina views. Facilities in the apartment designed to provide a premium concept of living. The living units, leisure and dining spaces are interconnected with pedestrian friendly pathways within the Senibong Cove vicinity.

  • Client : Front Concept Sdn Bhd
  • Location : Senibong Cove, Masai, Johor Bahru
  • Size : 100, 242 sqm
  • Award : South East Asia Property Awards (Malaysia)